#1 Rated Trucking Companies & Freight Broker In North Carolina

Good Word Trucking is a trusted trucking companies service here in North Carolina focused on providing fast, comprehensive transport solutions. We have the tools and expertise to meet your time, value, and flexibility needs.

Our Services

• Emergency Trucking Services
• Last Minute Trucking Services
• Expedited Trucking Services
• Government Freight Services
• Freight Brokerage

Who We Serve

• Government (Federal, State & Local)
• Business Owners
• Fire and Rescue
• Construction Industry
• Manufacturing Industry
• Among Others

Why We Stand Out

We Specialize in Less Than Truckload

Even when your products cannot fill a truck, you can trust Good Word Trucking to ship them. Our LTL team will find an efficient solution whether you need to make a special delivery or high-volume delivery.

Consistent Deliveries

At Good Word Trucking, we never miss a delivery deadline. Our professional team will always ensure that deliveries are made safely, on time.

24/7 Emergency Trucking Services

Good Word Trucking is your go-to company for all your emergency trucking and last-minute deliveries.

Exceptional Customer Service

To offer you the service you want, when you need it, we have a dedicated support team available 24/7. Whether you want to make an inquiry or request a service, there will be someone on the line to attend to you.

Award-Winning Team

To provide superb emergency trucking companies services, we have a highly-trained, experienced team. People that know how well to cater to every emergency transportation need.

Cost-Effective Services

Though we offer top-of-the-range trucking services. We offer affordable rates to all our clients.

Trucking Services

Emergency Trucking Services

Though you try to schedule your shipment in advance, there comes a time when an emergency transportation need arises. Well, this is where Good Word Trucking comes in!
With our emergency trucking service, we’ll cover the voids in your shipping strategy and make up for failed deliveries. And if a customer makes an urgent order, you can count on us to deliver it.

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Last Minute Trucking Services

Good Word Trucking offers cost-effective last minute trucking services to cater for all emergencies. With a wide range of vehicles and expert drivers, we’ll handle your transportation regardless of the distance or dimensions.

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At Good Word Trucking, we strive to provide dependable trucking solutions to all our clients. If you have a shipment that needs immediate transportation, we’ll get trucking solutions that fit your specific needs.
We’ll coordinate your trucking regardless of the distance so we can meet your set deadline and still, keep your shipment safe.

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Government Freight Services

Good Word Trucking is approved to provide transportation services to government agencies, departments, and offices. From the smaller packages, bulky machines, and heavy equipment for the defense industry, aerospace, and more, we can handle them.
We understand how important it is to make secure, timely deliveries for the government and we never take chances.

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Our Guarantee

We Offer Emergency Trucking Services and Last Minute Trucking

Whenever you need to make an urgent delivery, you can trust Good Word Trucking to be there. Our professional drivers are on standby 24/7 to take care of all emergency deliveries and meet last-minute transportation needs.

We Can Handle Complex Trucking Requirements & Schedules

Our professional drivers will go over and beyond to fulfill the requirements and ensure the smooth running of your department. And while doing this, we’ll stay in touch so that things can run smoothly.

We are Attentive to Details and Accurate

As a dependable emergency trucking service and broker, we know how important it is to follow set specifications. When working with your government department, we’ll follow even the smallest details.

We Put Our Customers First

At Good Word Trucking Companies, we always put our customers and their needs first. We stay on top of issues, make appropriate follow-ups, and maintain open lines of communication.

We Get It Right, always

However complicated, urgent or sensitive your transportation needs are, we will meet them. Our trucking experts have the expertise and experience to handle all your transportation needs.


To know more about our emergency Trucking Service or schedule your last-minute trucking, give us a call. You can also send us a message using the contact form on our website

Your Transportation Gets Better When We Do It Together!